Peter's MTB Adventure In Lake Garda

We are proud to offer bike holidays in Lake Garda, Italy. The area is known for it's amazing scenery, culture, good food and, in the mountain bike community, it's awesome trails. Peter Smith and his wife decided to see what all the hype was about and booked their Adrenalin Rehab MTB holiday last October. Adrenalin Rehab holidays worked for this couple as Peter wanted to MTB and his wife did not. We can tailor our holidays for couples, families and friends who may not all have the same interests. Here's what Peter had to say about his experience riding Lake Garda...

1. What made you want to book your holiday with Adrenalin Rehab?

​I had previously booked with Snow Rehab. We were unlucky with snow while in Revelstoke but everything else was good. Note: we are cursed and we could go anywhere for two weeks and get no fresh snow! In the past, we have also done kitesurfing beach holidays and I fancied doing something different. We both really like Italy and I wanted to do some mountain biking.

2. What is your best memory of your trip to Lake Garda?

​ It would probably be the second (secret) downhill on a day we took the cable car uplift twice!

3. How does Lake Garda compare to riding at home? Why should people go abroad with their bike?

Lake Garda has more rocky, natural (less man made) and steeper terrain. It was not crowded like some more well known, and undoubtedly uglier, locations might be. There was some amazing scenery too. People should go abroad with their bike to ride new and different terrain, especially, since biking is a great way of exploring the local area.

4. What were the benefits of booking with Adrenalin Rehab in comparison to independently booking?

The process was very easy with no hassle. There was no chance of missing our connections and Adrenalin Rehab allowed us to fly from our local airport. Gordon from Adrenalin Rehab knows the area really well too.

5. How did you find the bike hire service? Were you happy with it?

The bike I rented, which was a Mondraker Dune Carbon, was awesome. Exceptional value. I was very happy with it.

6.  What did you enjoy most about Italy?

We really enjoyed the food and drink, the Italian hospitality and the stunning scenery. We really like Italy!

7. Do you feel that you benefitted from having a guide with you on your trip?

Definitely. I don't think the routes are well publicised or known and having a guide means you can enjoy the biking and scenery without having to think about where you are going. Also, I ended up riding terrain that at the beginning of the week I would have walked around. It was very nice to meet Gordon, who was our guide for the trip.

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